To make the world more entertaining.


To welcome many new members into “Team AMATA.”

To make the world a more entertaining place,
and in order to create the very best entertainment that will be loved and cherished for generations all over the world,
we at AMATA are continuously challenging ourselves.

To carry out such a challenge, the support of capable and talented members will prove essential to the future of AMATA.
We have thought carefully about what we must do to encourage the right candidates to join us.
To this end, with the aim of breaking free from the past “newly graduated” or “mid-career” definitions,
and to also meet many different individuals, we have re-innovated our recruitment system.
We have adopted the names Challenger (for individuals without experience / in-training),
and Journeyman (for those with experience) Recruitment to reflect this.

Would you like to challenge yourself and your limits at AMATA?