To make the world more entertaining.



To make the world more entertaining.


To be a company that creates great entertainment content loved by all ages.


Innovation Creating new value through ingenuity.
Collaboration Creating great value through harmony and cooperation.
Excellence Only the very best work possible, without compromise.
Originality Providing a unique experience.
Flexibility Flexibly responding to a constantly changing world.
Sincerity Building trust by humbly exerting our very best efforts.


We’ve thought carefully about what is needed to become a company that makes the world a more interesting place, and one which is capable of producing the very best entertainment, to be loved for generations.  The answer we arrived at was “culture” = “corporate style.”  Thus, in addition to the technical capabilities we have nurtured up until now, we would like to go forward by making the corporate culture that is encapsulated in the idea of “Team AMATA,” our strongest asset.

1.Delight and Entertain

Putting the delight and excitement of customers above all else.
Producing results that go beyond the customer’s expectations.

2.Impact and Integrity

Accomplishing important work in both astounding volumes, and with incredible speed.
Taking responsibility in our everyday actions and output, as well as the quality of the final product and our service.

3.Ownership and Passion

Working with the awareness and responsibility as a representative of AMATA.
Working with a high level of professionalism and passion.

4.Boldness and Fun

Be proactive when facing new challenges, and taking them as opportunities to grow.
Having fun while working and enjoying overcoming changes and difficulties.

5.Helpfulness and Reciprocation

Making time to help and educate colleagues.
Taking the act of helping and teaching one another as opportunities for growth.

6.Problem Solving

Proactively solving problems together with everyone, regardless of job types or position.
Working out the nature of the problem, and moving as quickly as possible with the understanding of what must be done now, and what can be done to improve later on.

7.Curiosity and Geekiness

Having a strong sense of curiosity, and absorbing oneself  in a large amount of entertainment across a wide range.
Possessing unrivaled knowledge and passion as a geek in your field.

8.Learn and Grow

Rigorously studying with speed and passion to learn and grow within your area of expertise, and putting it to use in your work.
Studying a wide range of technologies, markets, customers, strategies and businesses outside of one’s specialty, and putting this knowledge to use at work.

9.Proactiveness in Statements and Actions

Being able to always express your own opinions and ideas clearly, and in return listen attentively to that of others, regardless of your partner or position, taking concrete steps towards realizing ideas and opinions that have value, regardless of whose proposal it is.

10.Transparency and Honesty

Being frank, and conveying any criticisms directly to the person involved, whilst admitting any mistakes and correcting them immediately.
Communicating with respect, regardless of who you are talking to, their position, or their opinions.

11.Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Respecting various cultures and values, creating an organization that does not distinguish between age, sex or nationality, and allows all members to flourish.
Creating an all-inclusive, vibrant organization.

12.Achieving Results as Team AMATA

Maximizing the full potential of both individual creativity, as well as teamwork strengths, to achieve great accomplishments that could not be carried out alone.
Setting aside your ego, and becoming the best you can be.   Not just for the sake of yourself and your team, but also for AMATA.