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Here we will introduce the various practices that reflect the AMATA culture. (For both full-time and contract employees)


Sharing the financial situation of the company and status reports of each project with all company members on a quarterly basis.

Side Jobs are allowed

Employees’s side jobs are both allowed and recognized as opportunities for nurturing a business mind and acquiring new skills.

Special Leave

Special Leaves  (Congratulation / Condolence Leave) are now granted for common-law marriages, including same-sex marriages, in the same way it is granted for civil marriages.

Phone Plan Allowance

¥5,000 per month will be subsidized for phone plan expenses for devices such as smartphones etc.

Smartphone Purchase Subsidization

¥50,000 per year will be subsidized to encourage smartphone purchases.

Housing Allowance

Housing rent will be subsidized for employees who live within two station stops from the office. (Tokyo ¥30,000 per month, Sapporo ¥15,000 per month)

Book Purchase System

Resources necessary for work (books, manga, video works, etc.) can be purchased, and will be stored in an in-house library corner.

Shuffle Lunch

In order to deepen friendships between more members,  two groups of four people will be chosen at random every week, and the lunch fee (¥1,000 per person) will be sponsored.

Project Gatherings Subsidization

In order to enhance communications between project members, ¥4,000 per person will be subsidized for social gatherings once per quarter.

Training / Study Groups

In addition to new recruitment training (introductory training, follow-up training), training sessions for various business skills and themed voluntary study sessions are held from time to time.