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Challenger Recruitment

Without wanting to be confined to the current “new graduate recruitment” system, and to allow many talented individuals to join “Team AMATA,” we have redesigned the way we hire new employees, giving it the name “Challenger Recruitment” (for those who are inexperienced / require training).
This new system provides an easy way for those without experience to apply for positions, and greatly increases opportunities for them to challenge themselves.
While AMATA has video games as its main axis, we offer so much more.  AMATA creates entertainment for people to enjoy all over the world. We do not satisfy ourselves with only creating games, and are constantly seeking new challenges each day.
Continuously challenge new things again and again, and seek to go beyond who you are right now.   AMATA will be there to support you along the way!

Applications can be made up until the age of 29.

Those who are under 29 years of age and hold no prior experience(no previous career experience or less than three years experience in the gaming industry) are eligible to apply. Fresh graduates are of course also eligible for application.
* Experienced candidates with less than three years of experience can choose to apply either as a Challenger, or as a Journeyman (prior experience).

Across-the-board monthly salary of ¥240,000.

For those without experience and below the age of 29, regardless of whether you attended university, or a specialty, technical, or junior college, or whether you are a new or previous graduate, the monthly salary after joining is ¥240,000 across-the-board.

Ability to choose month of joining.

Doing away with the conventional system of taking on all new employees in April, potential candidates are allowed to apply all year round.  Since we have set both April and October as the two months for when new employees can join,  job hunting activities can be done at your own pace.

Reapplications welcome!

Even if you were unsuccessful in your previous application,  you can reapply by presenting us with new works or documents (the portfolios or essays essential in applying for each type of job).  There are  no application limits, and you are allowed to apply as many times as you wish.

Issuance of the Challenger Passport (CP)

A  Challenger Passport (CP) will be issued to all prospective employees who pass the application.  The CP contains benefits available only to those individuals as well!


(1) You are allowed to choose your year of entry into the company.  There is no need to begin work as soon as you have received an offer. If you wish to engage in experience-building activities, such as studying abroad or volunteer work, you can choose to join the company the following year, or the year following that.
* Within two years of the originally scheduled year of entry.

(2) Even if you decide to decline the  job offer, any future reapplications will come with the promise of a guaranteed interview with the manager(s), and without the need for any screening documents.
* The above reapplication period is within four years of the CP issuance.
However, there are no limits to the number of reapplications attempts that can be made.
* The CP will expire upon joining the company.

Recruitment Guidelines・Benefits

Openings / Job details  【Software Engineer】
【Game Designer】
【Operation Staff】
【Business Planning & Development】
【Project Manager】
【Back Office】
Requirements Under 29 years of age, and holding no prior career experience,
or less than three years experience in the gaming industry
※No restrictions regarding Gender, Academic Qualifications or Nationality
※Japanese proficiency equivalent to JLPTN2 required.
※Hirings are for Growth Track candidates, with emphasis on employee potential
※Those with prior employment experience can also apply as a Journeyman instead of a Challenger
Employment Type Full-time regular employee
Hours 09:30 ~ 18:45(1 Hour Break, 7 Hours 45 Minutes Working Time)
Rest Days 5-day workweek(Saturdays・Sundays off), Public Holidays,  Year End / New Year’s Holidays,
Annual Leave ,  Congratulations / Condolence Leave,
Refreshment Leave (5 Days) etc.
Work Location Tokyo Studio(Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)/Sapporo Studio(Chuo-ku, Sapporo)

Employees will be stationed at either the【Tokyo Studio (Head Office)】or【Sapporo Studio】.
The first few initial years of employment will be at the Tokyo Studio (Head Office).

Salary 240,000 Yen(Inclusive of 45 Hours of Overtime Allowance included in Basic Wages)
※Flat amount across-the-board, irrespective of Academic Qualifications or Work Experience
※Probationary period : 3 months(Same salary as regular employment)
Allowances Commuting Allowance(Up to 50,000 Yen Monthly)
Overtime Allowance
Late-shift Allowance
Holiday Work Allowance
Housing Allowance(2 Station-stop rule / 30,000 Yen for Tokyo, 15,000 Yen for Sapporo )
Phone Plan Allowance(Up to 5,000 Yen Monthly)
Smartphone Purchase Subsidization(Up to 50,000 Yen once per year)
Salary Raises Twice per Year
Bonuses Fiscal year-end bonus based on company performance
Insurance Coverage Employment Insurance・Health Insurance・Worker’s Compensation Insurance・Welfare Insurance

How to apply

Application Please apply through the Application Page below.
[button url=”″ target=”blank” background=”#33cc99″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″]To Application Page[/button] ・There are no application deadlines. Document screenings will be done in order of
candidate application
【Application Documents】
1)Job Application C.V.
2)Works(Work submissions are required for all positions)※A digital copy of the C.V. should first be submitted,and thereafter the original copy upon securing the job offer.
※Please refer to the above 「Application Page」link with regards to work submissions
Company Recruitment Briefings Please apply through the RIKUNABI2022Site.
Selection Process 【STEP1】 Applying via Application Page (Submission of C.V. and works)

【STEP2】 Document screening
※Notification of results will be made regardless of outcome

【STEP3】 Interviews(2~3 Interviews)
※For applicants situated in distant locations, the first interview will be conducted via Skype.
※For applicants situated in distant locations, the transportation fares
(Shinkansen fare or airfare) will be reimbursed for the subsequent interview(s) with Company Directors

※Dates and times for interviews can be arranged
※Notification of results will be made regardless of outcome

【STEP4】 Job Offer

For inquiries Sato Building 5F, Kita-Shinjuku 1-5-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0074, JAPAN
Human Resources Department Recruitment Division