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Software Engineer (Y.N.) [Employed upon graduation/Japan]

Developed a strong desire while working as a freelance part-timer.

Due to family problems, I dropped out of high school and worked part-time in restaurants. It was hard work. As I continued to work part-time, the urge to act on my childhood dream of “making a game” only grew stronger.   I saved my money and attended a vocational school. After graduating, I applied to Amata since I was interested in online network games, and they were a vigorous company working on titles like “FINAL FANTASY AGITO” as well.   I got lucky, and was hired.
My life was once in a rut, and there were some twists and turns as well, but now I’m working hard at Amata.

Growing every by being a part of big projects

Right after I was hired, I was assigned to a new, major project. At first, I did mostly small tasks like creating tools and title screens. But as I got better at my job, I began to get assigned more important tasks (such as things that were majorly linked to the game’s system).  The increased workload also made my job more rewarding. Right now, I’m steadily growing in my job.
As a software engineer, I take care to write programs that others can easily understand. It’s an obvious thing to do.


Amata has __!

It’s my dream to become a super software engineer, competent enough for Amata to say that!(LOL)   Since I have attained my dream to become a programmer, I’m currently aiming to reach a higher level in my work. Amata has many older employees with well-established careers. (I often exclaim, “So this person created the game I played before!”) Since the company atmosphere is an open one where you can ask questions freely, I ask for all kinds of advice while working (or training) here every day. I am eager to create a hit product that excites users around the world.

Try it yourself, hands-on.

My advice to college students would be that they should reach out and try different programming languages. Currently, Amata mainly uses Unity and C# to develop products. However, having experience with various programming languages will definitely be helpful for when you develop games. If you are a vocational school student, you should try creating a game without using the framework provided by the school. Instead of doing it the easy way, try doing it the hard way. You will make more discoveries.


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