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Software Engineer (D.K.) [Employed upon graduation/Japan]

Landed the job in a slightly roundabout way.

I had a vague feeling of wanting to do something that I loved for a job, and since I’ve loved games for a long time, I thought I should work in the game industry. I went to a high school vocational school and debated over whether I should go on to college in my fifth year (including three years of University) or start working, and ended up started late in my job hunting.
I got the chance to learn programming early on at my vocational school, so I should normally have aimed to just become a software engineer. However, I dabbled in computer graphics as a hobby and even won awards at CG contests, etc. , which somehow made me build some weird confidence, and I started applying for jobs as an artist at companies… This further delayed my job hunting (wry chuckle).
I didn’t think this would lead me anywhere , so I changed my strategy and applied for software engineer jobs. That’s when I received a good job offer from Amata. I got the job in a roundabout way.

Law of Attraction at work?

After I got the job offer, I was told that Amata had an older employee hailing from my school. He was among the first pupils that my former teacher had when he first taught at the school. There was quite a fuss between my former teacher and Amata’s personnel manager at the “amazing coincidence”.   Also, Amata and my former school seem to be establishing stronger ties, with older alumni hailing from my school joining the company after switching careers, and younger people from the school being recruited by alumni visiting from Amata, as well as being accepted as interns.  Normally, for high school vocational graduates, picking a company you want to work for to apply to from amongst a recommended list would be the orthodox way of going about your job hunting, but since many students are interested in the game industry, we would welcome them to apply to Amata on their own. We would also be more than happy to visit as alumni. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aiming for a higher level.

During my first year, I worked on both client and server-sided work. While learning from a senior co-worker, I was able to expand my programming languages. Besides work, I also participated in the company’s study sessions and, other industry events such as CEDEC, from which I learned many things.  I think my growth as a programmer is going relatively well. However, I still have weak points I need to work on, like character traits such as panicking easily and having a short fuse, and not communicating well sometimes. I want to quickly become like the other senior employees, who have plenty of experience.
It’s a rewarding job in an industry where I can fulfill my dreams, so I really do hope my juniors also aim for it.


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