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Artist (A.S.) [Joined mid-career/Japan]

Successful escape from Sapporo (!?).

I’m from Sapporo. I graduated from a vocational design school in Sapporo, and worked for a local app development company. However, I wanted to challenge new things, and saw Amata’s online wanted ad. It seemed like a company that was willing to invest in the growth of its employees. I also thought it was nice that they had an office in Sapporo while the head office was in Tokyo. Amata sounded perfect for me (LOL). I received training in Tokyo for six months, and it was as exactly as I had expected, so I then wanted to remain in Tokyo, and I’ve been here ever since.

Worked hard for a fulfilling year.

I had a fulfilling year, working on new challenges such as creating the UI, which I hadn’t had much experience with, and working on 3D , which I was allowed to be involved in right from the beginning data layout stages.  It was great fun. To be honest, I was worried about whether I had attained my goals, and whether or not I met the expectations of the client and staff. However, I did work hard to reach a level I could be happy with. When I heard that the client liked my work, it really increased my motivation.

A company that makes full use of its employees.

I love the company. I has a nice atmosphere. I can discuss things in a frank and honest way.   I was surprised to find none of the complicated politics usually found in companies. Although it might be simply because I am unaware of them (LOL). The company has various systems in place to allow employees to work comfortably. It also provides opportunities for those with the drive and motivation.  For example, even staff who only have experience in 2D are also allowed to try their hands at 3D. I think it’s a really great environment.

Those with visions for game development are welcome.

My dream is to create a great game that I can be proud of, a major title. After gaining experience in art direction, I want to become a game director in the future, and I think it would be great if I could advance to an even higher layer. Although having good skills is certainly important, it is not only a matter of “Game development” = “Skills” x  “Work.” I feel excited when I work with people who have a clear vision and motivation for game development.  From now on, I want to do a lot of great work, and pass on my experience and knowledge to younger employees.