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Artist (H.S.) [Joined mid-career/Japan]

Worked part-time at a bookstore’s video game book section.

I majored in aesthetics and art history in college. I graduated right after the economic bubble burst, and partly because I wanted to  see how far I could go, I decided to move to Tokyo.   I started working part-time at a bookstore in Akihabara where I just so happened to work in the video game book section and  I gradually got interested in games. I still had no idea that I would enter the game industry someday. I now work as a 3D computer graphics artist, but since  I did not go to an art university, I had never formally studied design.   I only had done a few illustrations after being influenced by a high school classmate (who later became a manga artist).

Lots of scoldings from my instructor.

Although I didn’t have a clear objective, two years later I was luckily able to work part-time at the largest game development company in the industry. In their training room, I received training on 3D modeling and learned about motion at my department. My instructor had a reputation for being strict, and somehow I became his pet for scoldings (LOL), and received plenty of scoldings every day. It was pretty rough for me at the time (LOL). However, in hindsight, I am what I am today because of that training, so I am grateful. After that, along with some chance and coincidences, I was somehow able to remain in this industry.  After doing different kinds of jobs and gaining experience, I’ve managed to become somewhat resilient.

My first smartphone game was a major title.

I joined Amata through and acquaintance.  For my first smartphone game, I joined a major project right from the startup, and it was great. Rather than looking at it from the designer’s point of view, I strived to look at it from the user’s point of view, and  I always prioritized what the user’s were looking for during development.  We were always sort of urged to “Give it all you got!”, so the project gave me many tough memories, but as a result, my job satisfaction was also very high.

Increase your knowledge and capacity.

Amata’s company atmosphere is great.  You can experience many things that you couldn’t at a large company, so this company would be a great opportunity for people stuck in a dead end, or for those seeking new challenges. To improve your skills, it is important to be a good observer, and to take interest in everything. I also read all kinds of books. To have different points of view, you must take an interest in diverse things. You’ve gotta expand both your knowledge and your capacity for it.   I am what I am because I was taught by my senior colleagues, and that I am a senior employee vis-à-vis younger employees, I want to guide and teach them earnestly.