To make the world more entertaining.

Artist (T.T.) [Employed upon graduation/Japan]

The path of an artist instead of a software engineer.

I was attending an informatics university, but for some vague reason I thought it would be a good idea to become a CG artist for games.
Since junior high school, I’ve created CG as a hobby. However, when it was time to find a job, instead of aiming for the game industry which I had favored, I pursued the IT industry (LOL). At a job fair in my hometown, I came across Amata by coincidence, and I saw them again at an orientation session at my university.  I really identified with the company’s vision and business. I made a portfolio with the works I had on hand and applied, and luckily I got a job offer. It was the first step towards my dream of becoming a CG artist.

Diverse experiences. Currently interested in animation.

After joining the company, I did all kinds of jobs: Animation, 3D modeling, shading, etc. I did a lot of animation, something that I studied the least in college and now I’m now enamored by it.  Amata has a training policy of “having experience in various things during your youth will be good for growth”, so it was great that I got to try out lots of different things. For my current project, I’m in charge of negotiating with the client. I’m still struggling since it has a different set of hurdles from being an artist.   I want to quickly become good enough to answer to the client’s demands.

Desire to improve skills more than anyone else.

All my senior co-workers are very kind. I thought the working world would be really scary (LOL), but they have been helping me all along. I now hope to improve my skills mainly in modeling, animation, and other 3D computer graphics work. However, I’m not so happy with my growth this past year. When it gets busy, I hardly have time to study at home. It’s a problem for me. The vision I had for my future changed after I joined the company. When I was in college, I wanted to do many things, but now, I have a strong desire to improve my skills more than anyone else.