To make the world more entertaining.

Game Designer (M.I.) [Joined mid-career/Japan]

Two nights and three days for job interviews at ten companies.

I formerly worked in the rural areas as a scripter, but on a whim I decided to try and find work for at game developer in Tokyo, so I spent two nights and three days in Tokyo attending job interviews at ten different companies (LOL).   Fortunately, I received three job offers, and one of them was from Amata.   I decided on Amata because I had been developing consumer games all along, and wanted to try my hand at making  social games.   Also, Amata didn’t seem to give off the vibe of a “rough-and-tumble” type of company, with forced events or a rigid hierarchical system, so I thought it would suit me.

Dislike dwelling on the past.

When I joined Amata, the company still had only a little over ten employees, but after working on a few titles, I was assigned to the “FINAL FANTASY AGITO” project. It was a big, famous  project, plus it was carrying the “FF” series name as well, so I was highly motivated and learned a lot about different things. When it comes to creating things, I’m basically inclined to think about future-proofing it. Although I realize the the value of things in the past, I think game developers are meant to pursue new things to be enjoyed. If we keep only reminiscing about how good old games were, we won’t be able to create great, new games. 

I actually love money too

As a game designer, I also like to think about game mechanics. However, since I also love money (LOL), I sometimes think how great it would be if I became a producer and made lots of big bucks.  Amata is actively expanding its business in Asia, but it would be fun if it could try approaching America too.  Since the American market has a different take on what’s entertaining compared to Japan, it would be a worthwhile attempt.  And to be honest, I also want to try making arcade games, but it might be a bit more than I can chew…

Find your own path at Amata.

At Amata, taking on challenges is highly acclaimed. Amata is the kind of company where, by being willing to take on challenges, chances are given to you, and the possibility of doing the things that you want to becoming a reality also rise.  Although it’s not trying to look eccentric, Amata is unique in many ways. Instead of seeking the same old stuff found in the game industry, I’d like for others to try and discover new things while at Amata.  You will definitely have a chance of finding  your own path.