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Human Resources Planning (A.I.) [Joined mid-career/Japan]

Former freelance part-timer. No prior industry experience. Now working in Human Resources.

After graduating from school, I worked as a freelance part-timer. I mainly worked in customer service, and even managed to became a leader, but I thought to myself, “It’s time to try a different line of work. Let’s try doing administrative work next!”, and so I registered with a temp agency. However, I was completely unfamiliar with personal computers.  While working as a secretary to a university professor or in accounting for a small company, I learned how to use a personal computer on my own.  I saw Amata’s online want ad and applied, thinking that it might be a company where I couldcan advance my career.
Although I had no experience in the game industry or in Human Resources, I was somehow hired… I now work in the Human Resources department.

Occasionally panicky? And my boss sees right through me?

The HR department works to support everyone in the company, so I have fun every day meeting people from diverse fields and various types of people I’ve never met before in my career.
I currently work mainly in hiring. I handle contracts for temp workers and internal and external public relations.
Amata has very adequate information-sharing tools, so it makes my job much easier. However, when the information work requests come all at once, I sometimes fall into a panic. I put on a poker face and try to ride it out, but when I make a mistake that I normally don’t make, my boss can see right through me (LOL).


Looking forward to the company becoming larger.

After joining Amata, my work habits have changed. I hadn’t had too many people teach me things before, but now, there are more chances to have others teach me.  Also, I was assigned to jobs in which I had no experience, and to various jobs I had never thought about doing. It made me happy. It’s a totally different and interesting company compared to my previous employers. The company will grow larger, or should I say “I will make it larger.” I really look forward to seeing what it will become.

Working to reach a higher level!

There are still many things that I am unable to do, so I want to expand my capabilities.  I want to understand more about being a software engineer or artist, and I want to deepen my understanding of what goes on in game development at the work floor level.  When I get to read a someone’s resume (my boss is in charge of evaluating them), I can somewhat tell if it’s good or not. However, I’m not yet at the level where I can confidently evaluate an applicant, and I want to attain that level soon.
At work, no matter who it is, whenever I meet people, I always strive to build a good relationship that is amicable. I take responsibility for my decision to come here, 
and avoid subpar work. I will work hard to reach a higher level!