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VR Escape-the-Room game, Last Labyrinth, releases first teaser trailer and key staff list

Oct. 1, 2018, Tokyo
– Amata K.K. has released the
first teaser trailer for their VR Escape-the-Room
title, Last Labyrinth, as well as have announced the
key staff for the project.


About Last Labyrinth 

An escape-the-room adventure game that can only be experienced in VR, Last Labyrinth was created specifically for the VR age. Players must work together with a mysterious girl named Katia in order to escape a mansion filled with danger.

After the positive reception to the special demo version at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018, the Last Labyrinth team is busy working towards the Spring 2019 worldwide multi-platform release of the full game (download only title). To give users a sneak peak of what they can expect, Amata has released a teaser trailer for the game, as well as some comments from the staff regarding the title. The teaser trailer is available to view on the official Amata Youtube channel.

Last Labyrinth Key Staff

Hiromichi Takahashi – Director/Producer
Past Titles:
Doko Demo Issho(“Together Anywhere”) seriesDirector/Producer
“In the past, I made games that focused on verbal communication with virtual characters. This time, I want to use VR technology to try to focus on communicating with virtual characters nonverbally. I hope players will enjoy unraveling the mysteries surrounding Katia and lying within the mansion itself. There is more than meets the eye.”

Tetsuya Watanabe – Director/Game Designer
Past Titles:
Puppeteer – Game Designer
The Last Guardian – Game Designer (Physics)
“In order to implement the core gameplay mechanic of nonverbal communication with Katia, we are challenging ourselves to make Katia behave as humanly as possible. We are giving it our all to make it so that players will be able to feel her presence and feel like their fates are intertwined with hers.”

Atsuko Fukuyama – Lead Character Animator
Past Titles:
ICO – Character Animator
Shadow of the Colossus – Character Animator
“I hope that players will not only enjoy the puzzle solving aspect of the game but will be able to feel a connection with Katia. Although there are a lot of challenges to working in VR, I think we will be able to make Katia a character that players will be able to fall in love with.”

Michiko Kusaba – Lead Environment Artist
Past Titles:
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec – Landscape Designer
Gran Turismo 4 – Landscape Designer
“When making the environments of Last Labyrinth, I first focus on how I want the players to feel when they are sitting in the strange mansion the game is set in. Then, I imagine how Katia would feel. Would she be puzzled? Scared? I always want to focus on the feeling that the environments evoke. I hope players will enjoy them.”

Takuya Hanaoka – Sound Designer
Past Titles:
Monster Rancher – Sound/SE
Super Robot Wars – Sound/SE
“Trying out new techniques and working in new development environments always excites me. When I learned about the strange VR world of Last Labyrinth, Katia was already a living, breathing character. She was very loveable, and the gimmicks in the game were very dark. I wanted to stir up the feelings of the player with the sounds in the game, to make the experience more intense.”


What the…?!

Your eyes begin to adjust to the darkness, and you find yourself in a room you’ve never seen before. You go to stand but are barely able to move. You look down to find that your arms and legs are strapped to a wheelchair.

As the panic begins to set in, you catch a glimpse of a figure out of the corner of your eye.


A young girl, standing in the darkness, stares at you with cold eyes…


Title: Last Labyrinth
Developer: Amata K.K.
Genre: VR Escape-the-Room Adventure
Supported HMD: PlayStation®VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality Headset
Supported Hardware: PlayStation®4, VR Ready PC (Minimum Requirements: Intel® Core i5 4590 or above/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or above)
Platforms (Download only): PlayStation®Store, Steam®, Oculus Store, Microsoft Store
Number of Players: 1
Online Play: No online play available
Release Date: Spring 2019
CERO: Rating Pending
ESRB: Rating Pending
Price: TBA
Official Homepage:
Copywrite: ©2016 AMATA K.K.

About Amata K.K.

Founded in Tokyo in 2008, Amata K.K. has helped develop smartphone titles for a wide variety of world-renowned Japanese game companies over the years. With many staff having over 20 years of game industry experience, Amata has become a trusted one-stop shop for planning, developing and operating games across a variety of platforms. While keeping the focus on game development, Amata has also begun to expand into VR, video, media and other forms of entertainment.

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