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『LAST LABYRINTH』wins『Laval Virtual Awards 2017 Best VR/AR Contents』award!

『LAST LABYRINTH』has been honored with the  “Best VR/AR Contents” award as one of the most outstanding AR/VR works at the『Laval Virtual Awards 2017』!

『LAST LABYRINTH』has been described as “a unique and interactive experience that showcases the possibilities of the VR medium, featuring simple controls based on non-verbal communication coupled with distinctive game world settings”.


【Laval Virtua Convention Detailsl】

Genre:VR Excapte / Adventure game
Official Website
Planning・Development:AMATA K.K.
On Sale・Scheduled Release Date:T.B.D.
Pricing・Fee Structure:T.B.D.
Supported VR Devices (Provisional):HTC Vive、Oculus Rift, PlayStationVR etc.
Copyright:©AMATA K.K.
Laval Virtual Booth Information:VR/AR AREA  Booth Number:VRC2

■About Laval Virtual
『Laval Virtual』is the largest VR/AR high-end technology and interactive media convention in Europe, held in the city of Laval in West France. Among the events that make up the convention are trade shows, student competitions, international recruiting expos, startup assistance booths, content showcases, international art discourses and many more.
Now in it’s 19th year, Laval Virtual has managed to attract 200+ teams from over 40 countries around the world to take part in this year’s convention.
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