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Release Date for VR Action-Adventure Game The Tale of Onogoro Announced

February 25, 2022, Tokyo – Amata K.K. has announced that its upcoming Action-Adventure title, The Tale of Onogoro will release on Meta Quest on March 17, 2022. In anticipation of the release, the Meta Quest Store page has also been made available to the public.

Simultaneous Worldwide Release

The Tale of Onogoro will receive a simultaneous worldwide release on March 17, 2022. The Meta Quest Store page can be found at the following URL:

About The Tale of Onogoro

The Tale of Onogoro was created by producer/director Hiromichi Takahashi and the development team behind the VR Escape-the-Room game Last Labyrinth. Last Labyrinth received numerous accolades at game and VR events worldwide due to its unique VR experience.

The Tale of Onogoro combines traditional Japanese culture and steampunk elements to create its unique world. The Player travels with Haru, a Japanese high priestess, solving sprawling puzzles and battling giant beast-like beings called “Kami” along the way.

The game will be compatible with the Quest line of head-mounted displays and distributed via the Meta Quest Store. It will be released simultaneously worldwide on March 17, 2022, for $29.99 USD (including tax).


Just as the Player is putting on their VR headset to try out their new game, they are suddenly connected to a parallel world, where Haru Kose, a Japanese shrine maiden, lives. This world is similar to Taisho-era Japan, but since the invention of the steam engine during the Meiji Restoration, the people use a combination of steam technology and the mysterious ancient power of Ki to create new marvels.

This world is also home to giant, beast-like beings called “Kami.” These Kami often manifest as “Incensed Kami” and go on rampages, causing havoc in their wake. Shinto priests and priestesses are dispatched by shrines to quell each Incensed Kami that manifests, risking their lives to protect the citizens.

One day, it is reported that five Incensed Kami have manifested on the sacred floating island, Onogoro Island. Haru, as the High Priestess of the Grand Holy Shrine: Daijingu is dispatched to the island to see to the matter. However, the man responsible for the appearance of the five Incensed Kami on the island, Masatake Arakida, attacks Haru and steals parts of her body. He then chains her to a quelling stone and locks her away in a shrine. In a desperate attempt to summon reinforcements, Haru accidentally summons the Player to her world.

Upon meeting the Player, Haru asks for their help, stating, “Masatake Arakida has stolen parts of my body and taken my weapon. If we do not return them to me and quell all of the Kami on the island, a great calamity will occur.”

The Player and Haru join forces to solve the mystery of the Divine Boundaries, quell the Kami, and put a halt to Masatake’s plans.


Haru Kose (CV: Alexis Jassmin Broadhead)

The 223rd High Priestess of the Grand Holy Shrine: Daijingu. She is a Shinto high priestess and becomes the Player’s partner. She was captured by Masatake Arakida, who stole parts of her body as well as her sacred weapon, the Astral Hunting Bow. After having her powers sealed away, she makes a desperate attempt to summon help, and accidentally summons the Player from a parallel world. Because she is chained to the quelling stone and cannot move freely, she needs the Player to move the quelling stone for her.

The Player

A VR game player. Just as they were trying to play a new VR game, Haru summons them to the world of The Tale of Onogoro via their VR headset. Her summoning was incomplete, giving the player a ghost-like appearance. The Player cannot interact with this new world, but for some reason, they are able to wield divine ancient relics called the Celestial Weapons.

Masatake Arakida (CV: Ray Chase)

A powerful Shinto priest and Elder of the Grand Holy Shrine: Daijingu, and Haru’s childhood friend. He took Haru’s weapon and parts of her body, then sealed her away. He was seen as a candidate to become the next head of the Grand Holy Shrine due to his talents. One day, he disappeared, taking two sacred relics, the Mafutsu Mirror and the holy sword Soul Slayer, with him. He later manifested the five Kami causing mayhem on Onogoro Island. His motives are unknown.



*These images represent a game that is still under development


Title: The Tale of Onogoro  (Japanese title: オノゴロ物語)
Genre: VR Action-Adventure Game
Supported HMD: Quest platform
Distributing Stores (Download only): Meta Quest Store
Number of Players: 1
Online Play: No online play available
Rating: IARC 12+
Price: 29.99USD (Including Tax, Final Price TBD)
Release Date: March 17th, 2022
Developer/Publisher: AMATA K.K.
Official Website:
Copyright: ©2022 AMATA K.K.

About AMATA K.K.

Company Name: Amata K.K.
Representative: Yasutaka Masuda, Company President and Representative Director
Address: Sato Building 5F, Kita-Shinjuku 1-5-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0074, JAPAN
Established: June 25, 2008
Business: Game Business & others
Official Website:
About Amata K.K.: Founded in Tokyo in 2008, Amata K.K. has helped develop smartphone titles for a wide variety of world-renowned Japanese game companies over the years. With many staff having over 20 years of game industry experience, Amata has become a trusted one-stop shop for planning, developing and operating games across a variety of platforms. While keeping the focus on game development, Amata has also begun to expand into VR, video, media and other forms of entertainment.

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