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Where are the company recruitment briefings for candidates with no prior career experience held?
Briefings are held in Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. (Held in 2016)
Please tell us about the selection process.
[Candidates with no prior career experience / require training] Please refer here. [Candidates with prior career experience] Please refer here.
Are there any employment restrictions regarding age and nationality?
None. (For both recruitment for inexperienced candidates and candidates with prior career experience)
Could I be introduced to any graduates/alumni ?
It can be arranged for. Please contact us at 
Do you offer internships?
We are planning to. Notifications will be posted on our corporate site when we do.
Am I able to reapply, having been rejected once before?
Yes. However, it will be necessary to recreate and resubmit the necessary portfolios required when applying for each occupation. (Including Challenger: candidates with no prior experience , Journeyman: candidates with prior career experience)
Is it an easy environment for women to work in?
The ratio between men and women is approximately 4:1, and there is absolutely no gender discrimination. Policies regarding childcare, childbirth and pre-maternity etc. are covered under the pre-maternity / post-maternity leave system and childcare leave system, and laid out in the Employment Regulations.
What are the Smartphone Purchase Subsidization and Phone Plan Allowance?
The Smartphone Purchase Subsidization is a system which subsidizes the purchase of a smartphone  (up to ¥50,000 per year), to promote the familiarization of employees with the latest smartphones.  The Phone Plan Allowance system  is a system that subsidizes ¥5,000 per month for mobile phone or smartphone data communication expenses.
What is the Housing Allowance?
For employees who rent accommodation situated within two station stops from the station nearest to the company, ¥30,000 per month (¥15,000 in Sapporo) will be subsidized per month towards rent.
Regarding recruitment for mid-career applicants, can interview dates / times be arranged after working hours, or on the weekends?
Interviews  after working hours can be arranged for, starting latest at 8:30pm.  We do not conduct interviews on weekends.
Is it possible for contract employees to become regular employees?
Regular employment may be considered, based on ability, work attitude, and achievements.


   * If you have any further questions, please contact us here.