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Producer (H.M.) [Joined mid-career/Japan]

High expectations for a company that lets you make proposals.

After working for a regular company for two years, I saw potential in the computer business (industrial revolution via the Internet!) and switched to the game industry.  I pursued a career as a game designer and director.
Regarding Amata, I thought, “For the sake of bringing better services to the end users, this company would boldly make proposals to the client even if it would be hard on the company.”  I felt like this was a company where that kind of stuff might really happen, so that’s why I joined.  Of course, after joining the company, whenever things got serious I would boldly give proposals if needed (LOL).

Striving to receive constant praise!

I currently work as the producer of “FINAL FANTASY AGITO.” Of course, it’s very tough work (LOL), but I enjoy it. I work with veteran staff whose games I’ve played before and with younger staff who are passionate about developing games, so every day is very exciting for me.  When it comes to work, I strive to constantly bring results that win praise.  However, having received compliments once, I won’t receive it again for the same level of work, so it keeps getting ougher (the bar gets higher!) (LOL).

A company that figures out how to do impossible things.

Amata is a company that figures out “how to get things done”.  Calling it a company that “breaks down the Impossible into small, Possible pieces” wouldn’t be a stretch either.  In their work, they have clear choices and a clear focus. Personally, I think Amata has more foresight than other companies in the industry.  If anything, since it puts heavy emphasis on development, I’d like to see it give more emphasis to business operations.  Although it’s not a big company, it can do anything.  I really feel its potential for growth.

People who would speed up the growth of the company’s organization are welcome.

I want co-workers who can think fast and offer solutions. Although having highly specialized skills and bountiful experience are attractive qualities, it would be best if it didn’t come at the expense of flexibility in working in an organization. The value of the information we have differs between myself and others, so  I would appreciate people who would be willing to share information so we can both grow.
(Of course, I too would be willing  to share information.)  Also, since we lack older employees, I would be really pleased if some good people in their 30s were to join us.  I must sound pretty selfish, wishing for this and that huh (LOL).