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Software Engineer (I.W.) [Employed upon graduation/Japan]

Persuaded on the spot.

My school held a fair to show our works, and not only did the personnel manager at Amata look through my works enthusiastically, he even told me on the spot, “I’d like for you to apply to our company”.   I had never heard of Amata before, as someone from the rural areas, so I was hesitant over whether or not to join, but since he had gone out of his way to try and persuade me, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to apply (LOL). But during the job interview, the company president came across as a logical person, and I was very much drawn to his leadership qualities. Although there were still other companies to go through , Amata gave the fastest response and made a good impression on my as well, so in the end I decided to come on board.

Surrounded by knowledgeable people.

During my first year at the company, I learned the difference between being a student and a company employee. The project I was assigned to had a number of very impressionable (LOL) veteran employees from whom I learned a lot. Specifically, as a software engineer, I learned how to work with other people, the importance of estimates , how to gather information, and how a sloppy initial concept or plan can adversely affect the project later on. I was made painfully aware of my shortcomings in my thoughts and naivety, and was forced to think critically about how I should improve myself going forward.  Now I’m thinking about ways to improve myself. Thankfully, I now have a more solid idea of what kind of engineer I want to be.

From an ambitious goal to a more realistic goal. 

When I first entered the company, I had an overly ambitious goal of creating a totally new game. However, I now have a more realistic goal. “To become an engineer who can guide projects to success,” would be my current goal. Of course, it’s fun to create games. When I receive praise for my creativity, it’s very motivating. My senior co-workers got me interested in not only making games, but also in the very act of establishing the foundation for projects as well. Amata encourages its individual employees to improve themselves by participating in events and study meetings, so I actively take part in those as well to “level up” myself.


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