To make the world more entertaining.

Game Designer (A.A.) [Employed upon graduation/Japan]

The type to always trip up at the final job interview.

In college, I studied about network servers, but when I saw how influential apps were, I got interested in working in app development. I really loved games, so I naturally aimed for the game industry, but job hunting was an uphill battle.  I was the type to never pass the final job interview. I still don’t know why. Maybe I lacked something for the final hiring decision. However, I somehow managed to not fail at Amata (LOL). I decided to join Amata because it was the company of the person who created one of my favorite games (Dokodemo Issho).

You get to do everything, so it’s tough.

My first year was really intense. I wrote specifications, designed data, did scenarios, etc. The job of a game designer was much more diverse than I had imagined. Since I was tasked with all kinds of things, I gained experience in many things and I’m sure it will be of use in the future (I hope).   I had no prior knowledge or experience, so I basically started from scratch for almost all the tasks.   So the hurdles for everything were high. Whenever I think about the people who will be playing the product, I become unable to slack or goof off, so I end up always giving it my all.   I messed up a few times, and cried in private as well.  But when I finally saw success, I felt happy, and the joy of having my own work be part of the game was beyond comparison.   

Say it more forcefully.

Everyone at Amata is very nice, and we work together to overcome problems. Such cohesiveness saved me a number of times. Everyone is mindful of others, but in hindsight, sometimes I wish people would say things more forcefully. (But if people were more blunt, I might not have recovered, LOL.) I want to grow at Amata. All throughout my life, since I was small,games have been a great influence on me. Now that I’m a game creator, I want to create games that influence people. I believe in the power of games, and I want to spread “fun” across the world.